Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Halfway to Home

Half of us returned home late last night. My and Trev's plane arrived at DTW
1-1/2 hours late and by the time we got home and into bed it was 1am Detroit Time-8am the next morning Ukraine time. Our trip from the time we got on the train until we got home was 37 hours. It was exhausting. I spoke to D this morning to let him know we got home ok. Their trip won't be quite as exhausting since they will stay in Kiev at least 2 days to process the paperwork. They will have a break between the 13 hour train and 10 hour plane ride.
The train car we were in was nicer than the one on the way in. On the way in the car was old and dirty, the one on the way out was a little newer and definitely cleaner. As Trev would say...not as scary. Even the people riding in the other rooms seemed nicer. It was a very bumpy ride. We booked a room like we had on the way in...only it was only Trev and me. That way we did not have anyone else in the room with us and we could secure the door while we slept. We were playing card and had left the top bunks folded up...when we hit a big bump and the bunk above my head fell. Luckily they also are secured by a chain on one end or it would have landed on my head. Trev went to get the attendant...He told her "Nyet Ruski..come" and motioned with his hand. She totally understood him and came to look. It was too heavy for her and I to fix, and a few minutes later a man came and took care of it.
Trev was happy when our airport transfer car was a BMW sedan. It was by far the nicest car we rode in while we were there. The driver was in a hurry so it was also the fastest we had rode while we were there...160 do the math. But it was a smooth ride...none of the standard potholes.
The Kiev airport was small by our standards. I didn't remember much about coming in there because we were in such a hurry to get to our rescheduled appointment. They started boarding until 1/2 hour before the flight was scheduled to leave. It was interesting people watching though. They had flights leaving for Milan, Banai, Sweden, and flights in from Tel-Aviv, and China.
Well, I will write more later...although I will be talking to most of you soon.
Love Sue

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adoptedthree said...

Beautiful Story thanks for sharing. Found your link from FRUA.